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We returned to the mall, this time in proper freak-out-the-muggles fashion. I tell you, it just isn't like it used to be and that's ok. Frank was able to exchange a broken tool at Sears and I got my Boston film developed so I can post my article about Beacon Hill, Boston next weekend. But first, we went to Nieman Marcus for the Christian Louboutin's. I was only going to look but there they were, in all their glory, just sitting there, on a shelf, exposed to the world. No glass. No security guard. Nothing. I marched right up and picked one up. The sales lady came right over and asked if she could help me, but not in a menacing way. You have to remember that Frank and I are not wearing typical Nieman Marcus clothing and Zoe is running around with her sunglasses on and her leopard print dress, doing a catwalk impression in all the mirrors and there I am holding the shoe. So I asked if I could try it on. And she said yes! Who-hoo! They run small so I got a size 8.

So there I was, unlacing my 20-eyed Doc Martens, like Zoe in a candy shop. Let me tell you, it was simply exquisite. I was sorry I wasn't wearing something more elegant or at least sheer hose because the fishnets I had on detracted from the delicate sheer, runched upper. And I got up, a little unsteady at first because it was a 875$ shoe and I have never had anything like that on my feet before. The 5 inch stiletto heel isn't something I'm used to either but there I was, walking around in front of the mirror, wearing a shoe that cost more than a month's rent in my first apartment. But there was no pinching. They felt like slippers, as much as can be expected. Just beautiful. And that erotic red sole. Ahhhhh...

I have decided that before I die, I will own a pair of classic Christian Laboutin platform pumps and a vintage Christian Dior suit. I have explained to Frank that this is my Ferrari which he seems to understand.

Anyway, it seems, like the 59th Street Bloomingdales and the Bulgari store on 5th Avenue, that the King of Prussia Nieman Marcus also has very nice sales people who are nice to you even if you can't possibly spend any money at their store. When I am ready to purchase my Christian Laboutin shoes, I am definitely going to go there. It may be years but I don't forget when people treat me well.

Oh, and added bonus. A guy in the GNC store hooked us up with his discount. He saved us 11$ just because he felt like it. Unbelievable! So today has left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. :)